How was the test for Tableau certification?
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Tableau-filter. Are you certified for Tableau? How was the test for certification? Do you work at any company that you use Tableau in? How did you get your job?

For a while I've slowly moved from doing sales processing at work to more reporting and this moved me along to experiencing business intelligence software. Most of my experience is with self-learning Business Objects. I hate it, but I can handle it now. The comparison is so very true; in BO it takes 1 whole day to do what you can do in Tableau in a morning.

The one time I tried the Tableau (ver 5?) trial was mind-blowing. I have a genuine interest in this type of software and the field of business intelligence in general.

So if you are certified, was the test hard/easy? Are the courses necessary at all? I get the feeling they aren't considering how smooth the program is in general...
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