Whatever happens, someone is putting in Crown Royal whisky and I'm stealing it.
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I am looking for gift ideas for a Pollyanna gift exchange. The theme for the gift is "Royalty". The rules of the exchange allow various forms of trading so it doesn't have to be a gift targeted to any specific type of individual, just fit the theme. The participants are adults. Price range would be $25-$50.
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You can take your pick from a zillion Kate Middleton jewellery knock offs that are actually quite nice - here are some earrings, here's the engagement ring. Or, how about a corgi tote bag? Faux-ermine scarf? Or tea cup (which I totally now want, thanks.)

Do we have options outside of "royal" meaning monarchy? Because you know, depending on the crowd, this could be a super wide and very fun remit...
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If you want to class it up a bit, buy a decent bottle of plonk and wrap it in this. They'll never see it coming.
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Creative interpretation of the theme is part of the fun, go wherever it takes you.
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Royal crest, Legend of Zelda. Royal crown wax sealing kit. Royal typewriter coasters. Tiara soap set. Royal typewriter t-shirt. Etc.

And for the gift nobody wants, a Crown Royal liquor bottle lamp.
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Tea pot with Pennyroyal Tea, or Earl Grey.
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There's a wonderful card game called Royalty; it's similar to Scrabble. (If you play the word Royalty in the game, the rules state that all other players must stand in tribute!)
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Dominion the card game or royal honey
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Riffing on royalty = king: Elvis shades + lei + CDs/DVDs (I recommend Viva Las Vegas, Clambake, and Roustabout) + peanut butter/banana sandwich (Cadillac optional)
Or, y'know, Burger King gift certificates
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Fascinators. --Chaper versions here.

Royal family tea bags http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002K5VL3S

If you are in BC murchies has a tea named after many UK royals http://www.murchies.com/store/gift-boxes/tea-gift-ideas/royal-tea-gift-basket.html

(Apologies re links am on pod)
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