High School Hip Hop Guy?
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Name of a Southern teenage hip hop star?

I need help trying to recall the name of a Southern hip hop artist, perhaps around 17 years old, who is apparently very big right now. I would recognize his "hip hop name" if I heard it. I think he's still in high school.

I want to buy my son a tee-shirt with this person's name, but I don't want to ask my son about this musician because it will tip him off to his (possible) gift.
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Possible candidates, though none are southern: Chief Keef (Chicago), Joey Bada$$ (NYC), Diggy Simmons (NYC).
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Thanks, but I am sure that this artist (1) is a teenager and (2) lives in the American South.
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Check this directory out:


Most current stars are not that young.
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Earl Sweatshirt is 18, from California. Not really Southern.
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I THINK that's it!!!!! Earl Sweatshirt!!! yes!!!! sorry about the Southern. Maybe he said SOUTH Africa, where his father is from (duh) Sorry. Thank you!!
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Earl Sweatshirt has one South African parent as I recall, but isn't from there.

Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean are the other famous artists associated with Earl Sweatshirt (Their croup is called Odd Future). Frank Ocean grew up in New Orleans.
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