How long are The Who concerts?
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How long have The Who's recent Quadrophenia shows been? I am seeing them tomorrow in Philly and trying to arrange a post-show pickup. The arena's site says doors at 7; show at 8. Assuming they start on time, when roughly would the show end? Thanks much for any intel from those who have been to any of the recent Who concerts.
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Saw them Wednesday at MSG. Warm up band started promptly at 7:30 (that was the official show time). The Who came on at 8:30. Show was over just before 11:00.
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Thanks, aerosolkid. I didnt know there was an opener. Curious who it is?
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I see via a quick google search that the opening band is Vintage Trouble. Thanks again
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A friend saw the show here in Boston and also left during what he figured was just about the last encore right before 11pm. He said the encores were old favorites/greatest hits, so you probably don't want to miss too many of them.
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I did not see the Who, but I go to a lot of shows. Call the arena. There is usually a scheduled time for the show to end and they are usually within 5-10 minutes of that time. Also, when inside, ask any usher. They will know the exact scheduled times for each band to start and end. Then text the person with the ride. Gone on the days when the Grateful Dead would play until 1:00am or until their drugs wore off. It is pure business and if the band goes past a certain time it starts to cost overtime, etc. I have a good friend that works for Live Nation and another that works fro Red Light Mgt. When I go to shows with them, they know exactly what time the shows start and end as well as what time the band buses will pull out of the arena if they want to be on one.
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They must have this down to a science--I caught them in Nashville on the 2nd. aerosolkid's schedule was exactly what happened at the show I attended. You can expect to be heading out to your cars about 11pm. Don't miss the encore!
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