Help me find a replacement for my favorite hat
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Help me find a replacement for my favorite hat

I have an old cotton base-ball/golf style hat that I have had for about five years now that I would like to replace. Sounds simple, but i'm having trouble finding one just like it. Perhaps people can point me in the right direction... either by providing search terms to find it on my own or suggest sites where I might be able to order one.

My hat is an all-cotton Titleist ("cotton twill", perhaps?) hat with no adjustment strap in the back. The brim on it is very curved, unlike most baseball caps that I've found and has kind of a "low profile". If it helps, it also has a "Made in China 100% Cotton size L" tag with part number "RN 70547" specified.

It is very similar to this one on Amazon, but without the adjustment strap.

I have tried other non-adjustable hats made of some "flex fit" stretch material. These haven't been great compared to my existing hat.

I would love to find a blank equivalent without any writing or embroidery.

thank you!
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It looks like the term you want is a "fitted" cap, to get one without the strap? Here is one.
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I believe that this may be what you're after — but browse around, and consider your options. The Ideal Cap Co. —formerly the Cooperstown Ballcap Co. — has much to shake a stick at. (happy customer, me)
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Yeah, no adjustment band = fitted hat. Measure the circumference of your head and get your hat size from a sizing chart, and from there you can hopefully find a blank, fitted cotton twill ball cap in your size.
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Adding "fitted hat" to my searches may help.

Some of the suggestions above are close, but not quite there. The Cooperstown suggestion looks close, but doesn't have the very curved brim that I'm looking for. The other suggestion from treehorn looks good too, but isn't cotton.

I'll keep trying. Thanks for the suggestions.
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