Affordable office chairs?
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Any recommendations for office chairs under $150?

Looking for a new office chair--recommendations for any affordable (under $150) office chairs with arms would be appreciated!
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Just bought THIS ONE as a Christmas present for brownrd Jr.
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I actually got a great office chair from CraigsList - I think they might be sold there frequently.
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Craigslist, or check for a local office furniture liquidator or reseller -- some work on a strictly B2B basis when the demand's there, but this place came up on the Googles. If your profile's accurate, you're in a place with lots of good used office chairs.
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How many hours a day will he be using it? That's awfully inexpensive for a new 8-hour-a-day chair (which I'm guessing was the impetus for the above 'used' suggestion).
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Craigslist. I got a Hermann Miller Aeron for $50. It needed a new gas cylinder, but the local HM dealer fixed it for free (I tried to pay, honest!) Office liquidators know what Aerons are worth; you won't get a screamin' deal there.
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I really like this one.
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I love this chair from Office Max. They're frequently on sale for $100 or so.
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An exercise ball will run you $50 or less. Since I swapped my chair for a ball 6 months ago, I have zero back or shoulder pain. It takes a week or two to get used to the ball.
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After a bunch of research and unsuccessfully trying to find an Aeron (or something similar) on Craigslist, I got one of these when I started working from home 6-months ago and I really like it. It doesn't have a ton of adjust-ability but it fits me really well as is. I wanted the mesh back because my back often got too warm on the beat-up old faux-leather chair it replaced, I wanted something that reclined back a ways (I made a little ottoman to put under my desk, it needed decent arms, and had to be comfortable for hours at a time.

It's a little bit out of your budget (it was a bit out of mine as well) but I don't regret it.
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If you live in a major city, you almost certainly have an office furniture wholesaler in town that will sell a chair to you. I got a very nice, if standard looking office chair with most of the normal adjustments, for $150.
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