What's a good cheap beach vacation spot, accesible from NYC?
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My girlfriend and I are looking to go on vacation to somewhere cheap with nice beaches (preferably white sand/clear water) in early October. We live in New York City. Any suggestions?
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Maybe the Dominican Republic? Things are dirt cheap once you get there, the beaches are marvelous, the people friendly, and they have a rich history.
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I bet you can get a great deal in Aruba.
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Also, why not go for Cuba? Sure it's not "lega" but there are supposedly canadian firms that'll help you out. It would be a much more intresting vacation, I think, and you'll get no problems from the Cuban authorities.
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I haven't been (have other plans for my money at this stage in my life), but multiple friends of mine are all agog over the Dominican Republic. It's cheap, beautiful, relaxing and not illegal, like Cuba is (for Americans...my friends are both American and Canadian).
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Rent a cottage Jekyll Island, GA White sand, but the water isn't so clear. Still less than 600 for the week is pretty good.
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JetBlue seems to have consistently cheap flights to Puerto Rico from NYC.
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The Outer Banks of North Carolina are within driving distance. In October you could rent a house pretty cheap and you'd have the beach to yourself. The water is ussually still pretty warm that time of year.
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Yep, Puerto Rico. Skip San Juan, though; $79 each way on Jet Blue to Aguadilla, then rent a car and drive down through Rincón which is the less-touristy surf-bum part of the island and find somewhere to stay.
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Staten Island.
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My husband and I went to Turks & Caicos a few years ago for about $2400 for the week (airfare and an all-inclusive resort included). I wouldn't recommend the resort, but the beaches were breathtaking, the water crystal clear, and the tiny island exceedingly manageable (safe, clean, friendly and quiet people). I'd recommend flying in and staying in one of the rental condos/villas -- there are plenty of decent, reasonable restaurants and a large grocery store. We plan to do just that on our anniversary in a couple more years.
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Florida panhandle (Fort Walton, Panama City) might be cheap then. Could pair it up with a bit o' gaming in the MS/AL casinos, or New Orleans, if you wanted to.
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Florida panhandle (Fort Walton, Panama City) might be cheap then.

But avoid pensacola/gulf shores. Hurricane...
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I would second lilboo. The Georgia sea coast is great. It's cheap and uncrowded. The beaches are smooth, but are spotted with all sorts of fossils and shells that have washed up on shore. As a kid I found a giant blue conch shell and fossilized shark teeth. This might not be so important to most adults, but I still like such natural curiosities.
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I was in Fort Morgan, Florida this summer, it's about half an hour from Gulf Shores, and there isn't much hurricane damage there, you can rent small houses in the offseason for relatively cheap, but the condos up around Gulf Shores still looked pretty beat up.

I don't remember the name of the group we rented from but if you email me I'll look it up (email's in the profile).
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Oh! yeah, white sands clear water. I forgot that part.
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Wait, do you want somewhere tropical, or somewhere autumnal? Cuz you can go sixty miles from Manhattan that time of year and be absolutely alone on a number of lovely isolated white--well, off-white--sand beaches. But it might not be toasty out. Or even warm out. (Though the Atlantic still will be nice, pretty much.) And last year, it was t-shirt weather at Thanksgiving, don't forget....
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Gulf coast of FL. I particularly like Siesta Key. Fun for all.
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If you want something less beachy/touristy, you might consider the Low Country, the area between Charleston and Savannah. Both cities are beautiful and historic, with great beaches and terrific food. Midway between is old Beaufort SC, another place of interest in itself. Its closest (ocean) beach is the state park at Hunting Island, which is lovely and unspoiled, and has cottages that can be rented in advance.

In early October, the weather and water temp should be fine.
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Site59 sells packages 1-2 weeks in advance. And if you have time to get there, 2 flights, I'll dish out my secret: Hix Island House.
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More on Vieques: Song can fly there for $200/ea + connecting flight + ($150 rooms x days you want to stay) = is 3 nights for approx $850 too much?
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You can take the ferry to Sandy Hook. Can't get any cheaper than Jersey.
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Cool ideas- thanks all!
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You would most likely be able to find a room inexpensively in Montauk, NY at that time of year, when, in fact, it's very beautiful on the East End of Long Island. There are also some of the loveliest beaches in the world in the area. The town of Montauk itself is no great shakes, but East Hampton (fancy-shmancy) and Sag Harbor (charming and less pretentious) are near by. If you surf, by any chance, early October is an ideal time. I live in Sag Harbor, so if you need any further suggestions, feel free to email me.
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