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I left my holiday vacation planning until the last minute and I'm at my wits' end as to where I can take a warm, relaxing vacation at any time between Dec. 21st and Jan. 5th without spending my life's savings. Any ideas or frugality resources?

Here are my parameters: I'd like to take off for any length of time between 5 and 14 days between the stated dates, and I'd like to spend <1000 on airfare and around ~100/day or less for lodging if possible, somewhere warm, beachy-relaxing, and walkable (I don't want a car). I'll need a reliable internet connection, and I'd like it to have a little bit of a social scene so I'm not by myself the entire time. Hostels and the potential to practice some Spanish are great, but I don't want to have to spend more than, let's say 4 hours traveling from an airport to my final destination by bus or other public transportation (still don't want a car).

Is this doable this last minute and given the expensive time of year? Any suggestions for location, things to do at said location, and/or resources to do this cheaply would be hugely appreciated!

I'm late 20s, female, based in NYC.
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You are likely to find the best airfares to anywhere you want to go if you are willing to fly on Christmas Day and New Year's day.
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Dominican Republic
(Punta Cana, la Romana, Santiago)
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Agreed, your best bets are going to be somewhere in the Caribbean or maybe Florida, and fly on Christmas day.
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Have you tried Kayak Explore? It's designed almost exactly for this type of question.
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On Kayak, I'm seeing roundtrip fares for Puerto Rico for about $600, flying out on 12/25 and returning 1/5. Kayak also will find hotel rates.
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Seconding Puerto Rico, though to see the whole island, you might need a rent car. Things to do: Rio Camuy caves, El Yunque (sp?) national park, the phosphorescent bay, old San Juan, including the amazing fort there, which goes back to 1512 or some such date. We found a very nice sleepy little beach community at the very southwest tip of the island where there were no tourists at all, called El Combate, I think.
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Yep, Kayak Explore is going to be your best bet. You can choose destinations based on departure month and destination weather (Cold, Hot, etc.) and/or stuff to do (Beach, Gambling, Golf, etc.). The Caribbean and Mexico are definitely in your budget.

Just poking around with the flight cost set to come in under $1000 and the weather set to 'Hot,' I found a destination that would fit your requirements: Isla de Vieques, a small island municipality of Puerto Rico that is home to Bioluminescent Bay. You could get an American Airlines flight that departs JFK on 12/21 and returns 12/28 for $960. A hostel in Vieques will set you back around $30/night, according to

On the same dates (Saturday to Saturday), you could fly JetBlue from JFK to St. Thomas for $810, with hostels around $50/night.

For $671 on Aeromexico, you could go to Mazatlan, Mexico, a tropical resort town known for its beautiful beaches, from 12/23 to 12/30. Private hostel rooms there start around $17/night.

The world is your oyster, really -- enjoy your trip!
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Go to Puerto Rico! I asked a similar question recently and Puerto Rico really hit all of what I was looking for. Someone linked this handy dandy tool as well, it's great for putting in a price and a starting destination and returing possible matches.
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Key West.
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Hiking in El Yunque (outside San Juan) was awesome. I did need a car to get there, but it was like $18 for an overnight rental from Enterprise last August. PR is very tourist-hospitable. Don't know about lodging, though.

Public transit sucks but if you're hanging out in the resort/tourist area/old town you don't need a car.
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