Large piece of plexiglass?
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Where can I buy a large piece of plexiglass for a frame?

- I'm framing a tall map: 30x48"
- I purchased a frame online and want to include either glass or plexi.
- A local framing shop will sell me a cut piece of glass at that size for $30 (yay!).
- The online frame store cautioned me that glass at that size would be heavy and push the bottom out of my frame. They said plexi would be best.
- Ordering it online is not ideal due to the oversize shipping cost.
- I looked at and their offerings appear to be > $100. (I think that is a little nuts for a piece of plastic.)
- this is in NYC

So: do you know where I can find an affordable piece of plexiglass at that size? Or should I stick with the glass and do my best to reinforce the frame bottom with brackets?

Thanks for your help-
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Best answer: I have used Canal plastics.

You can also do this online.
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McMaster Carr has a 48"x48" sheet of plexiglass for about $42.
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Best answer: Go to Lowe's in person. Their online selection doesn't really represent what's in store. They have all kinds of different plastic sheets that you can easily size yourself by scoring with a blade and breaking off the excess. Unfortunately I have taken the labels off of the plastic sheets that I have in the garage, but they are very thin and light, scratch-resistant (to a much greater extent than glass) and UV light resistant. $30-$40 per sheet, larger than what you're looking for, sounds about right. I believe Lowe's can cut them to size for you for free.
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Best answer: Yes, go to a hardware store in person (whatever flavor's in your area). Expect to pay a bit more than glass would cost. Don't get the thinnest stuff they have for something that size or it'll visibly bow out in the middle.

You could also get the glass and wire the frame differently to support the bottom. Put attachment points at the sides like usual, plus one or two points on the bottom of the frame. Make one big loop of wire and run it through all the attachment points. The wire will directly support the frame bottom and keep it from pushing out.
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I worked for a number of years in an acrylics fabrication shop, and can confirm Canal Plastics as the best source in Manhattan for plexi.
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