Awesome little brother needs awesome shirts
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Help me pick out a Threadless shirt for my Halo-playing, deathcore-loving little brother.

My 21-year-old brother has asked for clothes for Christmas. Complication: he gave no other direction besides "t-shirts," and he hates shopping, so gift cards are out.

He wears some graphic tees, and I'm confident that shirts from Threadless would be welcome, but I'm having a hard time finding ones I know he would love. He is awesome, and therefore worthy of equally awesome shirts.

Best case: I give him something that makes him the envy of all his friends. Worst case: I give him something totally embarrassing to him, but he wears it anyway because he loves me. I want to avoid this.

Things he likes:
* playing the guitar
* music: deathcore (a la Masticating the Severed Extremities), extreme metal, any other highly technical guitar (including acoustic), the Gorillaz
* playing video games, especially Halo
* reading: Game of Thrones, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
* watching: South Park, Breaking Bad, some anime

I think his sense of humor is of the type that would appreciate this shirt full of class movie spoilers, but I'm looking for some other ideas, too. Plz halp.
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You could get him a T-shirt with the classic Bungie logo on it (familiar to those who follow the Halo series but obscure to most others and relatively minimal/interesting).
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Response by poster: Other possibly relevant information: he's the kind of person who asks strangers how their days are going and genuinely wants to hear the answer, he loves Hot Pockets, he leans left-ish politically, and he had a HUGE thing for Yoshi's Story and Legend of Zelda when we were little kids.
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If he likes deathcore, get him something funny with a kitten on it.
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Here ya go.
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There are some awesome Game of Thrones shirts on HBO's store website. I have a friend who now lives far away from me, but he buys me one of these like every 3 months and sends it to me. He would probably love some of those. You can also find out which house is his favorite, and focus on getting shirts with their sigil.
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Might wanna check out think geek as well.
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Penny Arcade, a popular gamer comic (they're the ones that put on two giant gaming conventions each year, PAX and PAX East), has a store.
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What kinds of shirts does he have now? Are they mostly band shirts? The one metal guy I know has a lot of band shirts and not much else (though he has been the roadie for a few bands, so he might just do all his shirt purchasing/acquiring on tours).

Also, have you thought about a good jacket? Or is he more of the well-abused thrift-store jacket type? While I'm no longer living in t-shirts, back when I could, my brother gave me a good jacket, waterproof jacket from Banana Republic, and I am really fond of it. It doesn't look preppy or dressy, but it is well made and fits with my work clothes when I don't need to wear a suit jacket, and I can wear it with my shorts and t-shirts.
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Generic Crazy Band Shirt

The Teddy Bear Picnic (oh crap, sold out)

Sad Psych (and oldie but goodie)

The Headless Samurai

Dead Samurai

No More Bento (OK, maybe this is too many samurai shirts)

The Greatest Spectacle Ever

Holy Roller

Maleficent's Tree (though it looks more like the Donnie Darko rabbit face)

Day of the Dead Panda

The Madness of Mission 6


Motocross Stitch Kitteh (OK, this one is silly, but it's on sale, if that's worth anything)
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