What kind of pillow is NOT going to compress over time to become a sad, flat pancake pillow?
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I want to buy square pillow forms and make the covers myself. I want the forms to be at least 16" but larger is better. The cushions will be used by heavy people for lower back support or for head support when lying down in the couch. What sort of pillow is NOT going to compress over time to become a sad, flat pancake pillow? Assume a complete lack of knowledge regarding pillow ingredients, brands, types and sources.

Bonus points: Where to buy? I am in Toronto but will buy online too.
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I don't know about Canada, but in the US, Bed Bath & Beyond usually has throw pillow inserts in a lot of different sizes.

You also might try "Euro" pillows made for the bedroom -- these are square and quite large, at least 14 or 16 inches. Also, since they're made for sleeping on rather than decorating your couch, you can get a variety of different materials, densities, levels of quality, etc.

I'm not 100% sure Ikea carries them (usually they're considered a sort of upscale item), but if wherever you go qualifies pillows based on back sleeper/side sleeper/front sleeper as Ikea does, I believe "back sleeper" pillows are designed to hold their shape and not be squishy pancake pillows.
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You can get foam pillows. Those usually do pretty well. Get a place to custom cut you some firm foam pillows.
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Foam is the way to go. Shaped or shredded, it bounces back forever. Fibers will always pancake, eventually permanently. I sleep on a giant shedded foam thing and love it.
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Foam by Mail
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In case anyone is checking this in the future... I actually ended up buying feather pillows because they can be "plumped up" by hand or in the dryer after being compressed. They are also very malliable and comfy.

I bought them off this Toronto-based store on Amazon.ca: Home Tex. They sell polyester-filled pillows but I bought the ones that are 95% feather and 5% down feather.
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