Crochet blogs?
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What are you favorite crochet blogs? They can include knitting and other crafts but crochet should definitely have a main part.

Bonus points if they include modern projects (not just clothes), good photos and are well written.
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I enjoy The Crochet Dude a lot! He's witty, smart, the photos are good (imo), and he does a lot of different kinds of projects.
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Although just a flickr stream and not a blog proper, Antonina Kuznetsova has some of the most jawdropping modern crochet I've seen. Ravelry is a good place to sift around for crochet blogs.
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Another jawdropping not-actually-a-blog is Miroslava Gorokhovich's photostream.
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Sarah London, Attic24, poke around the Crochet Liberation Front group on Ravelry, Jessica Polka, and this potholder swap, which is happening again this year.
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Futuregirl Craft Blog
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I love PlanetJune. Her main focus is amigurumi. I'm more of a scarves and blankets girl and have never made one of her patterns (or any other amigurumi pattern), but I really enjoy her enthusiasm and approach to crochet and crafting in general.
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Ooo, awesome question. I like Doris Chan's blog (particularly her posts about clothing design mechanics) but she doesn't post all that frequently. I usually get my fix of general crochet info sifting around Ravelry, but I'm eager to try the other answers.
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The one I keep coming back (aside from Ravelry) is Attic24. Her bright colours and pure joy over the craft as well as the other delightful things in her life has proved a great bonus to me through this grey grey winter. Thank you for that.
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