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What spicy treats have I missed out on?

I had my first Sambusa today and couldn't believe I've missed out on them all my life. It's a deliciously spicy, meat-filled Somalian Samosa-type food. What other spicy treats might I be missing out on?
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Kim Chee?
Prince's Hot Chicken?
Hunan Food?

Hard to say, what are some of the things you've eaten in the past that turn you on?
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That sounds awesome. Have you tried its cousin, the Jamaican beef patty? It's pretty much just junk food most times (although delicious), but if you can find a place that makes their own, oof! that's good.
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Bakpao is sometimes filled with spicy meat.
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Ooh ooh see this AskMe!
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Go to ethnic stores and ask the people who work there.
For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head is these Indian Cheeto-like things that instead of cheese powder have a spicy curry powder.
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There's the whole world of instant ramen that comes in hot and spicy flavors. Junk food, sure, but if you already eat regular instant ramen then this is a nice upgrade.

If you have an Asian grocery store nearby you can find them there, or if you're lucky you might also find some in the Asian Foods aisle of your regular supermarket. I like the Shin Cup personally, but there are lots of others (that website has a ton of reviews).
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I eat a lot of packets of Indian food. I don't know precisely what it is about Indian food, but, instead of making my mouth feel like it is being incinerated, instead I just start sweating like a maniac. Which I love, and is apparently the point of spicy food.

I especially recommend packets of Pindi Chana -- spiced Chick Peas. Kitchens of India has an especially good one. Man, I sweat when I eat that. The Mashed Vegetable curry is quite spicy as well, although my favorite of the collection is Rajma Masala, the red kidney bean curry. Just delicious.
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I suddenly loved very spicy hot food after I quit smoking. I suggest trying lots of hot sauces -- so many! so many good ones! Don't miss out on Rooster Sauce! -- on lots of food.

Also, be brave and order 5 star level of spice in ethnic restaurants. Insist you really want it very, very spicy.

Consider making your own ethnic food, e.g. Indian food, using fresh spices from local ethnic stores. Everything will be delicious. Also, cook with hot peppers. There are a huge variety, and they zing everything into joyous flavor.

A wonderful world of heat and flavor lies ahead -- enjoy!
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As a snack, wasabi covered green peas are excellent. Find them in the asian section of your grocery store (often in a small metal tin) or sometimes in the generic bulk packaged snacks that are often near the produce section.
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By the way, if you go out to eat at Indian restaurants (as well as other restaurants that serve food from Asia), they may ask you how hot you want it, with a numbered scale. I have found that I can tolerate the highest heat at most places, unless they grow their own chilis. If they do, the hottest food they offer is overwhelming. I ate once at a place named Gandhi Mahal that offered food so spicy that I hallucinated for a while.

You're going to have to determine how much heat you can take. And, as you eat spicy food, you may find that both your tolerance and your craving increase. Many restaurants (especially in the midwest) have been burned by customers who ask for spicy food and then send it back because it's too spicy, so they tend to err on the side of blandness. I find if it isn't spicy enough, a few doses of chili sauce will get it up to where I want, although there is a risk of it changing the flavor of the meal, so make sure you like chili sauce, or there is a brand you like (almost everybody carries Sriracha right now, as an example.)

Off the topic of Asian foods, one of my favorite snacks when I lived in Los Angeles was fruit coated with lime juice and cayenne pepper powder, which you could buy from street vendors. It's easy to make at home as well. Pineapple is especially good.
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Yeah, spicy snacks come in so many different varieties and flavours, it's difficult to know what you prefer. Our favourite Indian restaurant brings out pappadums with two different kinds of sauce. One is a spicy tamarind sauce that's warm, sweet and spicy tasting. The other is a jalapeno and coriander sauce that's vegetal, bright and spicy tasting. I personally love the jalapeno and coriander sauce.
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If you are culinarily inclined, Key Lime Habenero Cheesecake.

The massive hunk of milk fat that is cheesecake dramatically alleviates the otherwise intense spiciness of habenero allowing even ordinary people to enjoy their delicious sweet flavor.

Some notes:
  • Take the gloves seriously - going to the bathroom after handling habeneros is a mistake no one ever makes twice,
  • Roast the peppers before hand for a nicer flavor and less spiciness,
  • Make a more standard crumb crust than the recipe calls for - the chocolate is excessive

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    Chilli spiced olives. Oh yeah baby.
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    Just get thee to an Indian grocery store and try all of the little packets of snack food.
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    In the past, I didn't understand ultra-spicy food. Friends tortured themselves with "suicide" or "napalm" spicy wings while I watched dumbfounded. Stuff slathered in hot sauce seemed too vinegary and blistering to enjoy.

    Then I had a Korean pork dish called bulgogi. Although I was flush, sweating, and my mouth was burning more that it ever had, I couldn't stop eating. So good!
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    If you like wasabi peas, DEFINITELY seek out Sriracha peas!
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    Sriracha on everything
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    Lime pickles, bun bo hue.
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    Dried chile mangos. Possibly my favorite food EVER.
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    This sounds tame compared to others' posts, but I really like the spicy Indonesian Peanut Sautee' at Noodles and Company. It's hot enough that I feel it, and it has a peanut kick too.
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    Do you mean 'treat' as in snack, or just general out-of-the-ordinary special food? If you can get yourself to some Sichuan food - that, my friend, is some spice. It's peppery hot and (usually) doused in chilli oil, so it's not for the faint hearted. I had my first experience just today and holy cow, I don't know how anything will ever taste as fantastic.

    Maybe also because I think I burned off some taste buds in the process.
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    I was just given some wasabi almonds and they are terrific.
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