Fashion documentaries that simulate people watching?
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I love the aesthetic of the pictures that Bill Cunningham takes for the New York Times or that Scott Schuman takes for The Sartorialist. I often wish their pictures moved. Are there any good documentaries or other videos that essentially allow you to stare at interestingly-dressed people in urban environs and just watch what they do?
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Should I assume you've seen "Bill Cunningham: New York?" The filmakers basically follow him around taking pictures of people on the street, and so it gets at some of what you're looking for.
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It's not out yet, but we just had the photographer of Advanced Style to speak at the museum where I work, and his forthcoming documentary is something I think you'll enjoy.
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Ok, this is likely not at all what you want BUT, on the off chance:

I love the movie Inception and I always have to tell people that I likely love it more than it deserves because the costume work (done by Jeffrey Kurland) is so excellent and cool to look at. Really cool, custom suits, dresses, and jackets are featured. Most of the movie is really stylishly dressed folks running, jumping, and floating in and around urban architecture.

While it may not be exactly what you want, I recommend seeing it if you haven't already because the aesthetic is worth the price of admission.
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