Find a plush soft blanket for a kid's twin bed
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Can anyone help me find a supersoft, plush twin size blanket for a girl?

My daughter wants a soft blanket for her bed, sort of like a giant baby blanket. I see them all the time for babies but not for twin size beds. The best description is soft and furry, like a super soft teddy bear, rather than fleece. It can't have princesses or Hello Kitty or any recognizable characters on it (however pandas or other little animals would be fine). Does anyone have suggestions for online places I can find them? I've looked on Garnet Hill, Company Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, This one might be close but it would be great if it were a little plusher and maybe in a fun color? Any suggestions?
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This might be what you're looking for. When I got it I was surprised by how furry it was but the fur does make it nice and cuddly and warm.
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My local department/grocery store (Fred Meyer) has loads of these in all sorts of colors (although typically they're throw sized, not twin-sized). I think they call them "micro fleece" or "micro plush". Anyway, have you checked your local department stores? target? I'm astonished that bed bath and beyond doesn't have lots---it's a place I would have checked if I lived somewhere that had one.
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I bought this blanket about a month ago and it's super plush and incredibly soft. I don't think it's worth $30, though.
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Hmmm...maybe I should be looking in the "throw" category. Smirkette--The last one you linked to is labeled a throw but big enough for a twin. Thanks...and keep em coming if there's more!
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Ross. (Really! Maybe they're seasonal, but they had a fantastic, highly discounted selection of great ones a week ago.)
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I have a couple of these from Penney's. They are really soft and fluffy.
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Try Etsy.
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Search on "mink" or "minky" blankets; also try "raschel" or "microraschel"/"micro raschel".

My daughter has a My Little Pony one that was advertised as "micro raschel" and it's super-soft and furry even after going through the washer/dryer. I have a plain one which was advertised as a "throw" that I got at TJ Maxx.

Here are some on Overstock in a bunch of colors, 66" x 90", for a reasonable price (under $30).
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I think looking for a "throw" might be better. And if she is anything like me, a throw-size is fine because you want the cuddlyness tucked around you underneath the covers.
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I saw one at Target to tonight. It was the Shabby Chic brand and super soft.
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I often see them at Anna's Linens.
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Kohls Big One plush throw

I love these for their soft, cuddly feel.
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