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How can I get someone to return my stolen stuff they bought on eBay?

Related to my previous post here.

Someone has bought on eBay what I suspect is my stolen bike, and I need them to confirm a serial number to be sure.

Normally I think eBay would refund the PayPal transaction once it is satisfied that the transaction was not legit, but I think in this case the transaction would have been cash (as requested in the original eBay listing).

So, as the buyer has forked out about £600 for this bike, he or she might be very reluctant to volunteer information that will have it confiscated by the police, without any chance of refund.

Any suggestions?
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I assume you filed a police report? Did you tell them about the earlier listings Or asked them about what you should do here?
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The police will be able to assist you with this.
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In the U.S. you would provide that info to the detective assigned to the case and they would use that to get your stuff back. It's illegal for someone to have stolen merchandise, knowingly or unknowingly, giving the police the right, upon verifying it is the stolen bike, to take it and return it to you. They would be out everything so other than avoiding charges they don't have a lot of motivation to help you.
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Best answer: Leave it to the police.

If I spent £600 on a bike I'm not going to just give you the serial number, because whatever I say you could claim that its your bike. Equally, I assume you're not going to give the buyer the serial number up-front because they could lie and say it doesn't match even if it does. You need a neutral 3rd party - the police.
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It's also possible that the buyer might not be out of money if they bought through ebay. They may have recourse to refunds / chargebacks if there's a police report showing that the items are stolen.
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Print out/pdf everything from ebay now in case this person deletes the listing, and then bring that and any receipts or documentation that links the serial number of the bike to you, to the police!
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Response by poster: brainmouse: Yes, yes, not yet.

missmagenta: I agree, the temptation would be for the buyer to lie.
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