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How to search for a buyer's cancelled items on eBay? Reasons below.

Since having my mountain bike stolen at the beginning of the year, an automated search on eBay has turned up almost all of my bike components* on a single listing local to where the bike was stolen.

I asked the seller if I could see the bike (so I could covertly check serial no's etc.) but there was no response and the listing was then pulled.

Does anyone know how to search for other auctions that have been cancelled by the same seller? I am keen to see if the few remaining components from my old bike have been listed by him in the past.

*Without sighting serial numbers I can only say this is very very likely to be my stuff; the listed components are identical in type to the ones I had, are fairly rare and are mismatched in the same way. Included suspension forks.
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Have you tried I know you can pull up things like previous offer amounts and other things that aren't visible normally on eBay.
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A+++++ Would ask again!
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