Need a gift for a really nice guy!
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Help me find a gift for a generous co-worker.

My friend, a man in his early 60s, has given me a couple of very generous gifts. (Two years ago a $100 gift card for Christmas and just recently an adorable rocking horse for my grandson.) I don't want to accept any more expensive gifts from him (he makes less money than I do). However, I couldn't resist the rocking horse. I want to pay him back somehow. He gives out candy at work so I sometimes bring some in. At work I do favors for him such as helping him out with writing memos since his English skills aren't great.

I have never been to his home but we give each other gifts from our gardens. He has brought in flowers for my birthday a couple of times. He does some gardening, sometimes gambles, is a practicing Catholic. He and his wife are very generous people. What would be a suitable birthday gift for him? Maybe something along the lines of a Good Luck Feng Shui item. I'm willing to spend around $100. On the other hand, I need to find a way to tell him I can't accept anymore big gifts. Help with that would be appreciated also. Thanks!
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What about a gift certificate for him and his wife to a restaurant for a nice meal? You might also want to share his ethnicity, so people could suggest culturally sensitive gifts?
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My friend is Filipino!
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Perhaps a donation in his name to Catholic Family Services in your area? I might be jumping to conclusions here but he probably doesn't need more stuff and making a donation could give him a better idea about how you'd like to celebrate.
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If you give him an expensive gift for his birthday he may feel an obligation to give you one in return on the next special occasion. If you want to stop that, why not write him a nice birthday card and make him a cake?
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Giving him a big gift and then saying that you can't accept any more big gifts might cause him confusion. Could you do something for him instead - maybe inviting him and his wife round for a meal and baking him a really nice cake?
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Yes, I realize you all are correct. I will skip a big gift. I'll get a card and a small food treat for him! Thank you all!
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My family in the Philippines gives out boxes of persimmons as thank yous and gifts over the holidays.
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