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What's the easiest way to achieve this Reddit-lite interface?

I need to create a website that works as follows:

-- Largely a single page interface
-- Users can post sound or video clips which will play in the front page without having to click through (as they do in music/video subreddits).
-- Users can upvote and downvote posts
-- Posts are tagged, and can be filtered by tags. IE, you can choose to view only posts tagged 'foo', or 'foo and bar but not baz'
-- This allows users to create their own charts, as well as offering built-in charts for certain tag combinations
-- Doesn't have the nerdy Reddit look and feel

Basically, this is an audio/video website based fundamentally around charts.

I've looked at the Reddit software but it seems too top-heavy for what I need, and I don't really like the subreddit format -- tagging serves my purposes much better (I can see how you could MacGuyver this but it seems a bit of a hack).

I'm wondering if there's anything else out there that would let me protoype this easily?
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(the charts in Mefi Music are not a million miles away from what I'm thinking about)
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You could use Wordpress, customise P2, and add something like WP Likes for a basic approximation.
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Try looking into Pligg. It bills itself as an open source Social Publishing CMS and allows users to submit content that can be voted on by visitors.

I haven't used it myself, but it does appear to do some of the things you are looking for. The base software is free (as in speech), but there are many add-on available for purchase which may be able to fulfill your other requirements.
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