Duvet or not duvet?
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Recommend me your favourite stores for cute, quirky bedspreads!

I'm in the market for a bedspread (doona cover / duvet cover), but I know very little about house-y stuff and have no idea what brands to search for! I love the style of stores like larkmade.com.au and castleandthings.com.au - colourful, modern and quirky, maybe a little bit hipster. I quite like this doona cover from Urban Outfitters, but reviewers say the fabric is not the best, so the search continues! I'm looking for recommendations for brands, online stores that deliver to Australia or even Etsy stores that have the same sort of aesthetic as the links above... thanks hivemind!
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Best answer: I am just wild about the bedding at Anthropologie, but if you go with that, I would get a duvet and not a quilt. Their bedding is adorable, but also not terribly well made considering the price.

For better quality, although it might be too subdued for your taste, I'd recommend Crate and Barrel. I just bought a duvet and two shams from them and my room looks better than it ever has, and it's very comfortable.
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Barefoot Sri Lanka. I can testify to the quality of their fabrics.
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Garnet Hill
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Lazybones have beautiful duvet covers, they're based in Australia and actually supply to Anthropologie (they're not cheap though...)
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Best answer: Try the company store!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recs so far, guys! I'm drooling over these sheets from Anthropologie (but... expensive... and I don't need sheets!) and this dog-themed doona cover from The Company Store is just plain adorable.
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