Help me find this song that apparently only I have ever heard.
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This is driving me crazy - please help me find the song "Living in Sin" by Jess Klein.

A long time ago, like ten years ago at least, I had the song "Living in Sin" by Jess Klein on my computer. Since then, and several computers later, I want to find it again and I cannot find this damn song to save my life.

Ok, I've already checked itunes,, youtube, grooveshark, Jess's website, facebook, myspace, anywhere and everywhere. Apparently this song was an extra track on her Flattery album at one point, but now if you buy the whole album, that song isn't included.

I know I didn't imagine the song, because the lyrics are online on half a dozen different websites. I just want to hear it again! Please someone help me find this song (legally of course). I am happy to pay for it. I just don't want to rip out 20 bucks for a whole album when I just want the one song. Also, the places online that you can buy the Flattery album either don't have a track listing, or have the other songs listed but not that one. So frustrating!
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Do you mean Janet Klein? I see this on amazon.
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Best answer: Googling turned up this page which has a direct link to an mp3 of the song.
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Response by poster: Oh, jeez. I swear I went through like 5 pages of google results! Ok I feel dumb. But thank you so much! I'm gonna listen to it 5000 times now :)
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