Saab Mechanic in Seattle?
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Can anyone recommend a good Saab mechanic in Seattle? I have a Saab 9-2X and I was hoping to find a place to take it close to Capitol Hill (or at least a straightforward bus ride away from the hill or downtown). None of my friends own Saabs, so that route hasn't yielded any recommendations.. The car doesn't currently have any major problems, but I'm tired of driving all over town (and taking multiple buses back!) when something does come up.
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Saab 9-2s are rebadged Subarus. Find a good Subaru mechanic and you're set.
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Scanwest Autosports in Greenwood. It's a few blocks north of 85th and greenwood and is served by several major buslines, including the 5 and the 48. I've been going there for over 15 years and they do good work.
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Scanwest is great and they do excellent work, I agree. We've been taking out two early 2000's 9-3's there for years. It is pretty out of the way in Greenwood, but they have an excellent loaner car program (seriously, $10 a day!). The work is solid and they are Saab certified (and general Saab dorks; it's who our Saab dork dealership in Portland referred us to when we moved up here and they actually cooperated on our warranty). Yesterday we had a pleasant experience with Moe's, another Saab only shop, which is a bit nearer by the Hill in Ballard. They were able to get us in fast when our car failed the DEQ (Scanwest often books out) and they fixed a problem with our exhaust system for $300 that Scanwest had priced out at $600. They also fixed it while we waited and were incredibly charming (European mechanics) and incredibly knowledgeable about Saabs. So, I'm torn which to recommend to you! Scanwest is the institution, but Moe's has won our hearts for now. Cheaper, faster, more casual (it's not going to take a week to schedule an oil change, and it won't be cancelled if you're ten minutes late, which has happened to me with Scanwest). Moe's Yelp reviews show our experience is pretty typical.

As for general Saab care and feeding, I can't stress only having oil changes / routine maintenance done at one of these places enough. I've kept my cars running as long as I have by only entrusting them to Saab specialists. One disastrous after hours $60 emergency brake job at Sears cost me thousands of dollars in Saab specialist repair bills in the end.
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Yeah, find a subaru repair shop.

I've been taking my 05 92-X to the local Subaru dealer for maintenance since I bought it new. They'll know more about it than Saab mechanics will.
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I used to have a 9-3 that I would take to Moe's and to Troll Motors. They are both run by nice guys, but I'd say Moe is more competent and less scammy. Rely less on appearances and more on your instincts when building an impression of him. Also note that the 9-2X is a Subaru with a Saab-designed interior, so you could take your car to, say, Carter Subaru in Ballard. Carter used to sell and service Saabs, so there is some overlap there. We replaced the 9-3 with a Subaru and we take our car there for service.
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