Antique Clock Repair
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I need to have repairs done on an antique clock in the Los Angeles area, but I'm unsure who would be reputable. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding a good place to get an initial estimate? Or is there a way to find good reviews for this kind of sevice?

Thanks for your help!
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Try the NAWCC business directory. You can filter by Clocks -> Clock Repair and select California for your state.
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Response by poster: That is perfect. Thanks very much!
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I had a hell of a time finding someone who was competent to even touch the chronograph out of the ME-109 fighter my grandfather brought back from WWII. I finally found an amazing craftsman with museum level credentials who was overbooked and expensive but honest. Me mail me for his info.
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Skip the memail, here's a link.
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I had my antique time clock repaired at Montana Clock Shop on Montana Ave. and they did a good job.
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I can recommend Executive Watch in Montrose. He modified watches for the Mars Explorer Team at JPL to keep Mars solar time.
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