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Help a picky person find an alarm clock?

I'd like to get an alarm clock that doesn't annoy me. I'm picky; most alarm clocks drive me crazy. Here's what I'm looking for:
- easy to set/change the alarm time (so an analog clock is preferred; I don't want to have to press a button 30 times to change the alarm from 7 to 7:30)
- stand-alone alarm clock, not a phone (I tried using my phone, found it annoying)
- makes no sound except when the alarm goes off
- makes a pleasant sound or sounds when the alarm goes off
- emits no light except on request
- good quality (I don't want it to break right away)
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I had a similar list and bought the Brookstone TimeSmart. It's dark, easy to find when the alarm is going off, and the crescendo alarm starts low and gets louder as time goes. I'm not jilted out of sleep by it as a result. The atomic time is nice too.

As far as quality, my previous alarm clock was from the mid 80s. I haven't killed this one over four years. Having to press down the bit that is up seems to help, because there is less of an urge to slap at it. Doing that with my previous alarm clock ended up loosening the capacitor, and the electronics were so old the solder had pooled. As a result, the capacitor connections became loose in the pool and all sorts of weird things happened. Point is: the action to turn it off helps. The snooze is a slap style though, if you use that. I don't.
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I have in my possession the Häger Shake-Awake Jumbo, an alarm clock for the disabled, especially the deaf. It's magnificent. The digits are HUGE in a very clear red color, you got big sturdy buttons, both tone and volume are adjustable, and there's a vibrator thingy that you can put under your pillow if you want a silent alarm.

Häger is a Scandinavian brand but there are similar alarm clocks on the US market. These things are built to be easy to use and awaken the deaf, so you know they are the real deal.
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There's a cheaper one without AM/FM and a headphone port, BTW. Also assumed 110 volts I guess. Is that correct?
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Best answer: Here's a 2010 list from Remodelista.

I have both the Muji rubber and Braun clocks (though the former seems to be sold out) and like them. Their alarm sounds aren't exactly soothing, but they are pretty basic and inoffensive.
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Response by poster: Jwells, yes, I'm in the US.
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