Kits for mechanical clock movements?
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Are there any kits for making a mechanical clock movement?

Seems like all the 'clock kits' available online are just taking a premade movement and putting them inside an enclosure.

But what I want is a box of gears, axles, springs, weights, etc., and some written directions to turn them into a timepiece. (I don't have a machine shop, so making parts myself is out of the question.)

It doesn't need to be fancy, highly accurate, or even have multiple hands.
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Best answer: Not sure about metal, but I've been pondering trying my hand at building a wooden clock.
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Best answer: Well, you could make one out of paper.

And here's another wooden clock kit site.
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Whoops. The ones I linked are probably too finished for what you're looking for. Try here.
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Response by poster: The wooden clocks do look nice, though I admit an irrational prejudice towards metal. (If I were fully rational, I'd just build a quartz-crystal electronic clock.)

xingcat: Thanks, but can you point me to a particular clock movement kit at one of those sites? As far as I can see, they all have fully pre-assembled movements.
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Yeah, they are more assembled than you probably want. This page has assortments of just parts, but doesn't include instructions on building from scratch.
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Best answer: Try this:
This guy does a remarkable job, is the only one I know of offering clocks and kits of this caliber. And they aren't necessarily horribly expensive, either.
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I know of a (metal) kit being finalized as we speak. It's probably more advanced (and expensive - a few hundred dollars) than you want, due to having celestial mechanics, and it won't be available until a few weeks from now, but if what you want to get out of it is to build and display beautiful clockwork rather than learn about clocks, then it might be better than a clock :) I can me-mail you info if you think you might be interested.
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Eaglemoss does some partworks that you might be interested in, if you're willing to go for clockwork devices rather than clocks per se. The link I just gave goes to one of their mechanisms; they've done others.

Note: some of their pieces require filing to mate properly, and that can be a pain in the ass.
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