Looking for romance on Netflix streaming
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Seeking quirky romantic movies that are on Netflix streaming.

Think along the lines of Garden State and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.

I don't really care if they have famous actors or are even in English, I'm just looking for films with that weird, lovey, cozy vibe to watch as I'm falling to sleep.
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I'm A Cyborg But That's Okay.

It's not even clear that it's a romantic movie until maybe halfway through.
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the fairy

on Netflix

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Raising Arizona? Broadway Danny Rose?
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This is sort of ridiculous, but in a fun way. Science has facilitated the search for a soul mate via biotechnological implants that count down to the moment one is supposed to meet his or her match. Funny, sort of problematic things happen.
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I don't have netflix so no way to know if it's available for streaming, but I recommend Lars and The Real Girl.
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Lars and the Real Girl isn't on Netflix, but is another great example of what I want. Also, Annie Hall.
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Seconding I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay.

Castaway on the Moon is great too for weird romantic comedies that aren't clearly romantic til halfway through.
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Worth bookmarking if it ever does come to streaming, Peter O'Toole in Creator
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Kate and Leopold.
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It's in Spanish and is fairly neurotic.
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Heartbreaker (2010) is a guilty pleasure of this beer-swilling male. Really, it's fantastic.
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Impromptu (five stars, one of my most favorite movies, bonus Hugh Grant in frock coats, but you might cry)

It's a Boy Girl Thing (amazing actors for a silly highschool bodyswap formula elevate this to super watchable)

The Ramen Girl (less romance and more finding oneself, particularly cute if you have actual culture shock experience, lots of stupid but you can forgive it in its earnestness)

Bedroom and Hallways (boys who like girls who like girls who like boys who like boys...)

Outsourced (the vastly superior original movie that inspired the cancelled sitcom. lovely cinematography, a bit cheesy, but perfect for falling asleep after)

Soapdish (silliness abounds, let it wash over you)

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Shahrukh Khan at his finest making fun of himself, and the soundtrack is delightful)

Chance Pe Dance (Nobody is hotter than Shahid Kapoor, that's just facts.)

Dil Bole Hadippa! (More Shahid Kapoor, but also bonus badass crossdressing cricket playing lead lady with very overwrought story about national pride)

Almost Love (Korean romcom that gets five hearts of adorability from me)

Romantic Anonymous (French romcom about chocolate and quirky people with anxiety issues, what's not to love)
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Peter and Vandy, The Decoy Bride, and Weather Girl are ones that I have seen recently and can recommend.
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I'm also a fan of TiMER.

I also like Wristcutters: A Love Story, though I'm not sure if it fits your criteria. Same with The Rebound.
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Harold & Maude
Chasing Amy
and as Mizu already mentioned, Romantics Anonymous
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A Perfect Couple
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Check out The Baxter. From some of the guys behind Wet, Hot, American Summer, it's a kind of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead of romantic comedies.
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500 Days of Summer.
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Happy Accidents. (from the director of The Machinist, but yeah)
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Oh, "Robot Stories" is pretty good too.
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I'm not sure if you can stream it on Netflix, but I love falling asleep to Moonstruck. It's what I pop in the DVD when my mind won't shut off and I need to sleep. The other one I like for this is Kissing Jessica Stein. And I second Happy Accidents though the intentional shaky camera technique makes me motion sick.
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Not sure about Netflix streaming, but I love Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, Bringing Up Baby, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Sure Thing, In A Day, and The Truth About Cats And Dogs.
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Likewise, not sure about Netflix streaming, but Amelie is near perfect.
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The Wedding Banquet is on my short list of truly perfect films.
Oh, please, everyone just watch it. It's so good.

I also *just* watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and enjoyed it way more than I expected to. It was quite charming.
Also nthing TiMER. I saw it a year ago and still think of it quite often.
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The Answer Man is semi quirky, but appealing once it gets going. I liked the actors in it as well. (jeff bridges, lauren graham, kat dennings).
Outsourced I liked, although the (canceled) sitcom they turned it into had a very different tone.
Meet Joe Black, is very slow but appealed to me at the time.
Buddy is a cool foreign film thats a little slow, but i liked how the romance turned out.
Ondine i also recall liking, but can't produce a blurb for at the moment. colin farell saves a maybe mermain.
Outside providence is a farelly brothers movie but the romance plays a big part & my friend is an extra in it!
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Broken English! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0772157/
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Me and You and Everyone We Know
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The Names of Love (available on Netflix streaming)
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Take Me Home
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It's a bit bittersweet, but I liked Breaking Upwards
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Rage in Placid Lake!
I'm Reed Fish
The Baxter is great, but looks like it's not streaming right now
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Seconding Timer, it was way more interesting than it looked at first.

The Decoy Bride is charming, especially if you're a fan of David Tennant or Kelly Macdonald (from Boardwalk Empire).
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Strictly Ballroom and Cosi were on Netflix Instant last I looked.
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Empire Records
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Bagdad Cafe - The romance is more of a sub-plot. But high marks for quirky and charming.
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Sliding Doors is light, romantic, and has a scifi twist.
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Castaway on the Moon! Wonderful. I would marry this movie. Also, Heartbreaker -- someone mentioned it, but it's particularly fabulous because it's a love story filmed with a heist story flavor.

Also, The Ghost & Mrs Muir is such a quirky, sweet classic.
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These are in my recent netflix history so they are streaming unless they've expired (all links are SLYT trailers).

Out of Sight sexy George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez in stylish caper. Very fun.

Uncertainty Joseph Gordan Levitt runs around NYC and Brooklyn in parallel stories about paths they could take as a couple. Independent feel.

Maid in Manhattan Guilty pleasure but again fun to look at NYC and Amy Sedaris as snobby richie friend and Chris Eigeman (Whit Stillman regular) has a supportive part.

Flirting With Disaster so many fun people in this one. Very funny. One of my favorite movies.

Goats not really a romantic comedy more of a coming of age, but great fun actors to watch in this one. Worth seeing just to see David Duchovny in a beard and the always entertaining Vera Farmiga.

I'll nth Heartbreaker

The Winning Season not a romantic comedy but it has Sam Rockwell who is unreasonably charming. It's funny and no one's heard of it unless they're a Rockwell fan like me.
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Oh I have to add stuff now that I'm going thru my recently watched stream:

I also have to 2nd Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Amreeka Super sweet. Not really a romantic comedy but there is a budding romance and the woman who is the lead is just a joy.

Harold and Maude a classic.
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Audrey Tautou has some good ones. Priceless is one. (Amelie was already mentioned).

Romantics Anonymous.
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No one would ever accuse Lo of being insufficiently quirky. A man summons a demon to help him find his girlfriend, who was inexplicably taken to hell. We see glimpses of their relationship through flashback and song. It's a funny, weird, no-budget comedy, and while technically a romantic comedy, it's absolutely as diametrically opposed as possible to the whole romantic comedy genre. Not a great movie, and definitely out there, but worth seeing once.
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