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Help me authenticate these supposedly vintage jeans in near-mint condition.

Pictures of the jeans are here.

I found them for $2 in a thrift shop. They are size 40 x 34, actual waist measurement 38.

They look like "Big E" red-line selvage Levi's, specifically the 1954-65 501Z (zipper fly) with the following details:
"Big E" red tag (on both sides)
Hidden rivets in back pockets
Hidden bar tacks on back pockets
Single stitching on back pocket upper hem
Red-line selvage (rather faded) outseams
Double Horse waist tag with 501ZXX

The fabric is heavy, indigo, looks rinsed in a grainy manner (not like present-day "rinse") and the pockets are slightly yellowed.

But I am suspicious. There is no interior label or printing or trace of one. These are not the highly branded Levi's Vintage Clothing reproductions or other Levi's selvage reproductions, which have modern labels inside and which I have sold on eBay without any trouble.

Are these jeans modern counterfeits?

Awhile ago I thought I had found a pair of G-Star Raw jeans in a thrift shop and attempted to sell them on eBay. eBay told me to take down the listing because the company said that the jeans were counterfeits. I don't want this to happen again.
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The placement of the belt loop (not on the seam line) is pretty suspicious.

Also.. they're supposedly 40x34, but the actual waist measurement is 38? And the waist tag says L 36?
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What number is stamped on the back/inside of the top button? Reproductions (usually?) have a three-digit code, and originals, as far as I know, never do.
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Also as far as I know the offset belt loop is normal for pre-mid-60s 'xx' jeans.
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from the Levi Strauss website: How can I tell if my old Levi’s® garment has any value on the vintage market?
Please note that Levi Strauss & Co. does not appraise or determine value of vintage products. If you would like some general information on the approximate date of production of your garment as well as if it would have any historical significance to Levi Strauss & Co., we ask that you:

Take a picture of the front and back of the garment and any production tags or labels.
Provide a short description how you came to own the product.
Send along with your name, address and phone number to
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The two first things I always do a quick check for seem to be present on your jeans -- there is a stitched V on the inside of the jeans near the front button (at least, I think I see that) and there is two tone copper and yellow stitching on the back pockets. Also, the tag is to the very far right, as is it should be and not more to the middle...

I don't know. They look original to me.
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Response by poster: I contacted the Levi's company person who answers such questions, and he / she (the first name is Lynn) thought that they were original, since nobody has bothered with counterfeiting this particular line.
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