How to "move" an iTunes profile to a new desktop profile after Win 8 installation
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How do I get iTunes to sync to a new desktop profile (on Windows PC)

I'm a non-Apple user/unfamiliar with the ecosystem - so I'm thinking the answer to this might be simple. Still I wanted to ask just to make sure.

Updated our PC to Win 8. No problems there.

Thing is, my wife has an iPhone and iTunes account which was synced to our shared desktop.

Since the upgrade to Win 8, she's got her own profile, own desktop, etc.

But what has happened is that her iTunes profile, songs, apps, etc, hasn't "followed" her to her new desktop. She clicks the shortcuts and there is nothing there - no apps or songs.

Yet the apps and songs appear on my desktop when I click shortcuts there.

For information, what is now "my profile/desktop" was formerly our shared one - has retained sign in details, etc.

I'm thinking that we need to do something to tell iTunes to "send" her profile to her "new" desktop, but I can't figure out how.

Can anyone here help me?

Thanks so much -
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Find where the iTunes music folder is and move the files to a folder that both accounts can access. Make sure that both accounts have that folder set as their default iTunes folder.
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