Preparing my iPhone 4 For Sale
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Going to try and sell my iPhone. Looking for suggestions to try and wipe it of any information.

I recently finished a contract with my old cell phone plan and upgraded to a iPhone 6. I am very pleased with it and now I am left with my old iPhone 4. I am thinking about selling it on eBay or somewhere to get a couple of bucks.

Just wondering, what steps should I do to enure that there isn't anything left on the phone? How do I completely wipe it clean of any information (contacts, itunes, stuff, etc)?

Its an iPhone 4 running iOS 6

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Best answer: Go to Settings > General > Reset.
You'll see options to reset various saved data. To delete everything, tap Erase All Content and Settings.
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Best answer: What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch according to Apple Support.
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Best answer: Apple does a good job with security; there's no need for a complicated wipe. Follow needled's link.
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Response by poster: Ok. As per needled's link, do I need to do a backup (step #1), before wiping the info (following step 2, etc). I already have my info transferred from my old phone to my new one, so is this step required?
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Best answer: No, but you could use this as a reminder to set up regular backups for your new phone.
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