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Does anyone know a good way to sync multiple devices on the same iTunes account on multiple machines easily?

Does anyone know a good way to sync multiple devices on the same iTunes account on multiple machines easily?

one iTunes account,
3 laptops and desktops running iTunes,
2 iPhones
2 iPod Touches
1 iPod shuffle

Right now I have iTunes looking to a WHS shared folder but it keeps "losing" the location and cannot find music when it tries to sync until I tell it where to look for 100+ songs.

Any special sauce needed or better options for sharing apps and music on all these devices?
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Never tried multiple machines - we have multiple "iDevices" and a central library of media.

Perhaps if the central media library was on a shared drive (but I recently tried this with a DNS-323 and it was toooooo slow for iTunes)?
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Like this one?

“PARAT Solutions develops and manufactures innovative products designed to charge, synchronize, transport, store and protect multiple mobile devices.”
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It doesn't have to be all that hard. Here's all you have to do:

1) Enable Home Sharing on all of the computers to which you want to sync.
2) Use Home Sharing to import the apps, music, and other stuff to all the computers you want to play it on.
3) Choose one (and ONLY one) computer for each iPhone/iPod to sync to. Remember, you can sync multiple iOS devices to a single computer but you can only sync an iPhone/iPod to ONE computer at a time. No switching back and forth or it causes headaches!

If you want to add something that's on Computer A to an iPod that's synced to Computer B, just use Home Sharing to import it from one computer to another and then sync it over to the iPod.

(If you're wanting to be able to add and remove content from each of your computers, enable Manually manage music and videos. You'll loose some flexibility in automatic content management, but you'll gain the ability to add stuff from each of your computers individually. Keep in mind, Apps and Info like contacts can still only be synced to a single computer at a time.)
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Best answer: How to sync iTunes across all your computers with Dropbox. Will probably require a paid Dropbox account.
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