Help me get a client from NYC to Long Island
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Is there a web site that figures directions via public public transportation in the NYC and Long Island areas? If not, can someone in the hive help? I need directions for a client from E 65th in NYC to 56th Ave in Elmhurst, NY. I'm unfamiliar with NYC/LI.

Starting address is 410 E 65th, ending address is 8940 56th Ave, Elmhurst, 11373. TIA for any and all help.
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Google Maps provides mass transit directions, and it seems like they're actually incorporating the modified MTA routes/schedules:

Double check against the MTA site before embarking.
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First off, Elmhurst isn't Long Island -- it's Queens. Your destination address looks like it's the Queens Center Mall.

In terms of getting there on the post-Sandy subway, it actually looks relatively easy: get the F train at 63rd St./Lexington Ave station and take it to the Grand Ave/Newtown stop in Queens. Then it's just a couple of blocks down Queens Blvd. to 56th St.

I can't vouch for how efficiently the F train is running -- haven't tried to take a train since the storm -- but it's safe to assume delays and crowds.

Also note that the F train doesn't usually stop at Grand Ave., so these directions are only for the current limited subway configuration.
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First off, Elmhurst isn't Long Island -- it's Queens.
See? I know nothing!

Never having used Google Maps for anything but travel by car, I didn't realize there was a public transportation option. Thank you all for your help. Client is happy.
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HopStop is absolute perfection. It slices directions every which way and even tracks schedule changes and outages. I've lived in NYC for 15 years, and I've found their directions always on the nose. They have a mobile app too.
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Actually, Queens is part of Long Island. Long Island consists of 4 counties: Nassau and Suffolk (which are what most people mean when they refer to Long Island,) Kings County (Brooklyn) and Queens County (Queens).

Maybe it's a bit nit-picky, but it's just one of my pet peeves.
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