Best Hybrid like a Scion XB?
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The next car I buy will be a hybrid but I can't find a good one. Want something like my Scion XB.

I love the look and size of Scions, Cayennes Porsches, Audi Q7s. I would like to not go above 35k and am fine with used. Can't seem to find much with a small SUV frame. Any suggestions?
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The xB's wheelbase is 98 inches and it weighs 2,300 lbs. The Audi Q7's wheelbase is 118 inches and it weighs 5,200 lbs. You say you like the look and size of them, but they aren't really similar in any way. There are only a few manufacturers that make hybrids, with the major market players being Toyota, Honda, GM, and Ford. What, exactly, are you looking for?
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Ford Escape? I carpool in one that is over 200,000 miles, driven by somebody that is absolutely not babying the thing at all, and it still looks good and runs very nicely. It doesn't really look like anything on your list, but it is a small SUV.
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In a good-looking, small-ish hybrid SUV or crossover in the U.S., you're looking at the following:

Ford Escape
Toyota Highlander
Lexus RX 450h
Mercedes ML 450
VW Touareg
Audi Q5
Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Most of those are going to be outside your price range unless you get a used one. I've read good things about the Ford Escape, except that I can tell you from firsthand experience that the MyFordTouch infotainment system is garbage. And the newly-redesigned Escape is quite good looking, in my opinion.
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Ford C-Max Hybrid? Maybe a little small.
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My brother loves his new Chevy Volt and says its surprisingly fun to drive. He's getting 250 mph but YMMV.
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Ford's new C-Max hybrid might be right up your alley. Just be ready to lament the complexity and weight of any of these hybrids; there's nothing quite as much fun as a first-generation xB. If you have a second-generation, go ahead and disregard that last remark, the hybrids are very similar.
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I was recently was looking for a crossover and went with the Mazda CX-5. Nice styling, practical, and 35 mpg.

The new Ford Escape is supposed to be pretty nice also, similar to the Mazda as far as size and MPG.

Nothing wrong with a newer Honda CR-V either.

The Prius V may also be a car to check out, it is supposed to have a good bit of space and gets 40-44 mpg.
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How about a Lexus CT 200h? If you really squint it looks kinda like an xB. And it starts at $32,000 brand new.
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