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I'm considering taking singing lessons to increase overall confidence, voice volume and projection, and get some musical fix. Recommendations for a private singing teacher in Seattle?

I'm basically a beginner. I sang in a choir and was a performance violinist as a pre-teen, so I'm vaguely familiar with musical theory and proper posture/technique and some musical terms, but that is the extent of my skills. I want to learn more about all those topics, find my range, and be given a variety of styles to sing (jazz, classic, foreign language esp French or Latin, pop). I'm timid, so I'm hoping to find someone gentle, knowledgeable, and encouraging.

Googling "singing lessons Seattle" came up with a few possible options, but wondering if anyone here has a recommendation? Also, what is the average price for an hour of private lessons? I need to stay under $100. Would prefer someone in Seattle, but Kirkland or Bellevue ok.
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Get in touch with Jenni Cole ( at the UW School of Music. She manages the list of students who give lessons and could point you in the right direction.

(UW School of Music grad here).
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