Competitors who compensate their staff differently?
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I am looking for examples of companies in the same industry that have very different compensation structures. Can the hivemind help?

Costco and Sam's Club would be an example. Can you think of any other examples?
Bonus points if the company and its compensation structure can easily be researched online.
Thank you, hivemind!
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UPS is union; FedEx is not.

Law firms use different compensation structures depending upon many factors.
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Software: startups, megacorps, and established small companies all pay very differently.
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Brokerage firms (Charles Schwarb, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and etc.). Some stockbrokers have a fixed-term contract with a guaranteed payout (and then one is paid on commission beyond the contract), others are straight commission, some are salaried (usually brokers from smaller, regional firms). Unfortunately, it seems a lot of the details are rather opaque, but may help.
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As ClaudiaCenter says, FedEx and UPS, but it's a much bigger difference than union and non-union. FedEx does not directly employ its delivery people- they are independent contractors without the rights of employees. Here's info on the law suit on this issue.
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Trader Joe's vs almost every other grocery store. From wikipedia:
Trader Joe's pays above-union wages: as of 2010, full-time crew members can start at $40–60,000 per year and store managers can earn in the "low six figures." It contributes to an employee's standard 401(k) plan.
Pilots for major airlines (AA, Delta) vs discount airlines (Southwest, JetBlue).
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You should also look at public school teachers vs. private vs. Catholic school teachers.
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Or even Pilots in the same airline brand, American Airlines pilots are compensated very differently than American Eagle pilots.

Nordstrom employees are on commission, many other department stores just pay an hourly wage.
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