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Currently seeking a safe, reliable courier through which I can order medication online on the cheap and with little hassle.

Longtime sufferer of ED, and in the past, it was easy enough to fill an order through an escrow service that dealt internationally to provide me with an ample supply for a great price. (I actually discovered pharmacyescrow through an AskMe some years ago, but it's no longer running.)

The patents run through 2017-2020 until ED drugs go generic (after Viagra was given a bs 7-year extension), and the laws seem to have gotten stricter. The website I used to use (through Canada) is no longer active. The current system/website alternatives require a prescription (currently have no job, much money, or health insurance) and limit the order to "90 day supply."

The pills I've ordered in the past have come from all parts of the world, among them Saudi Arabia and India, and they worked as advertised, so I'm open to try many things. Unfortunately, the websites I've found online seem to all be scams.

Has anyone had any reliable success with international online medication retailers that keep it simple and secure?
posted by Mach3avelli to Health & Fitness (3 answers total) 5 users marked this as a favorite I've used it with fine rsults. Prices are low, shipping is flat rate$25
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Seconding and all that Ideefixe wrote.
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i've heard has given satisfactory results.

not sure what you mean by "courier" though. they use a normal postal-type carrier, i forget which.
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