Is it wise to take Pantocip for Protonix?
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Is it wise to take Pantocip, an Indian "generic" proton-pump inhibitor, instead of Protonix?

Having lost my insurance for the summer, I ordered some generic Protonix (Pantoprazole) from India, rather than pay the usual high American price for this stomach acid blocking drug (which I've found works better for me than Prilosec). The usual India "generic" is called Pantocid, I think.

Turns out they're out of Pantocid, and instead substituted "Pantocip." There are only 17 hits on Google for Pantocip, which is manufactured, it is said, by Cipla. Also, the first Google hit for Pantocip is from a website selling it $55 for 100 40mg tablets, which is quite a bit cheaper than the $100 I paid (still a good price) for a hundred tablets of Pantocid.

Should I be worried about using this stuff?
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I wouldn't worry about it. Cipla is a very large drug manufacturer that doesn't respect foreign patents (though I thought they were primarily for HIV/AIDS related drugs). I would do it if I were you. There are dangers but they are going to be remote in comparison to the multitude of things that can be dangerous in your life.
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If you're have good relations with your doctor, you might explain your situation and see if he can get you some free samples. Most are fairly generous when it comes to situations such as this.
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I'm not a doctor, but my feeling is that no, of course it is not wise to substitute another drug, particularly one about which you know nothing and that comes from an online pharmacy abroad, for one that you have been prescribed.

FYI, a search for Pantocip at retrieves 0 results -- how do you know that they are the manufacturer?
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The Cipla web site says they produce pantoprazole sodium under their bulk drugs section.

Other than that, I have no idea about the general quality control, ingredient substitution, effects of binders, etc...
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Looking through at Antiulcerants (I would assume that's the category for stomach acid-related medicine) I see PantoSEC (not cip). I dunno if that's the same stuff, but here's the page in question.

I had some pretty severe stomach pains in the past, and I was prescribed something like Prilosec before. It worked pretty damned well, but now I'm without insurance and I had no idea I could just order the stuff online like this. I wouldn't, cause I'm paranoid, but.. more power to ya.

This really shouldn't be the way we taxpaying, law-abiding citizens are best able to get help.
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Response by poster: Hmm. Thanks for the comments so far. I'll definitely call tomorrow to see whether why the Cipla webpage calls their 40mg Pantoprazole "Pantosec," rather than Pantocip. It's still seeming a little weird to me.

If I can't resolve my concerns, I suppose that I can probably manage with Prilosec for a couple months.
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