Safe pharmacies?
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What are some safe online pharmacies to buy cheap generic drugs from?

Just the links please (I dont need any lectures). I am looking for pharmacies that are considered safe and trustworthy, where people have actually gotten what they ordered. Google isnt great for this as theres too much spam. Im looking to save money buying generic Zoloft online. Any success stories?
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Are you looking for pharmacies that will also provide a prescription/sell you Zoloft without one, or do you already have a prescription?
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, sorry. I dont have a prescription. I have taken SSRIs in the past though. I dont have health insurance or a doctor right now but am going to try to get both.
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I have no experience with that, but when you do get a script, you can get generic Zoloft really cheaply at Kmart or Costco Pharmacies.
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Best answer: Try joining the forums; you'll get real-time reviews, prices, recommendations, which sites offer discounts, etc.

You have to join then wait 24 hours before posting or participating, I think, but it's a good site for separating the chaff from the wheat.
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You'll still need to have a valid prescription, though. Legally-speaking.
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recommended from a previous trawl of AskMe but not yet used.
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Yes, drugdelivery seems to work fine (the shipping can take quite a while; it appears that they'll charge you ~$30 to write a scrip for you, instead of accepting a prescription).

IME, generic drugs are shipped from the country of manufacture, which adds to the delivery time.

Strangely enough, although it's a .ca website and the registrar seems to think that they're in Winnipeg MB (or something like that), I think they might be a UK company.

All odd, but they have worked for me.
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They've always come through for me.
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Inhouse Pharmacy has an excellent reputation amongst a group of my online friends, who use it to order a non-FDA approved drug that they do not have a prescription for. I have not used it personally, but all reports have been positive amongst my group.
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If you look on the drugbuyers forum, try to find reviews for "friendly pharmacy" or something along those lines. I ordered some generic Wellbutrin from them in early January, and they arrived the next day for a reasonable cost.
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Not for Zoloft, but in case it helps other readers: I get generic Prilosec (Omeprazole) here, and have done so for a couple of years. Highly recommended. (You should read this first, though.)
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