Yes I'm ask metafiltering nineties techno. Don't judge.
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In the mid-ninties, there was this techno song with a vocal instructing the listeners to raise up their hands, "raise them up." His voice was calm and could've been sampled from a movie (it was not like the more cliched sample of a dj or singer revving up the crowd, it felt almost religious). What was the name of this song?

It was not "raise your head up." It was not made in the last few years.
The closest I've found is other people online looking for the same song fruitlessly
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Argh. I know exactly what song you mean and I read your post with that voice in my ears. But damn me if I know the title.
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Long shot: INXS - Guns In The Sky?
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The mid-90s? That kind of stumps me. I was thinking Raise Up by DJ Fausto.
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There were a lot of mixes of Reel 2 Real's "Raise Your Hands", some of which feature just the chorus and drop the scatting entirely. It was pretty ubiquitous in 1994 + 1995.

This mix of "Raise Your Hands" by Boston Bruins was very popular, but has a woman doing vocals.
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No chance it's Praise You or sampled off that?
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Here's a version of Raise Your Hands with MC Ruffian doing the vocals. I have no idea when it's from but definitely it fits your criteria, including the possible religious angle, and it sure as hell sounds 90sish.
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Response by poster: No. It's none of these. Techno, mid nineties, maybe earlier, man's voice, voices sounded like it was instructing or religious. Thems the criteria.

The closest is The Hyacinth Girl.
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Gospel singer Kirk Franklin and his group God's Property had a couple of mainstream hits in the 90s. Was it anything of his?
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Response by poster: No, fuego. It was definitely a bonafide techno song.
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Long shot, but you're not remembering the late 90's early 2000's song "Raise Up" by Petey Pablo?
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