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Old school techno songs identification: one remix of National Geographic, and one (mis-heard) quote.

These two songs have been floating in the back of my mind forever, any help finding them is appreciated:

1 - Mid 90's techno song, the video for it features cuts from a really awesome National Geographic VHS about the rainforest, with stop-motion footage of plants growing and retracting. The nature documentary also had scientists landing on the treetops in hot air balloons and walking around on big nets, but I don't think that part was in the song's video.

2 - Early 90's rave tune, unremarkable except for a robot-y sounding voice saying something like "I am giant man, I am the seed-coat"

Thanks all!
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Coldcut has a trio of music videos that sound similar to what you're talking about, titled "Timber", "Natural Rhythm" and "Frogjam". You can probably find them in the usual online video places.
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