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What song is this?

The other day I was in Urban Outfitters, and heard a song with a rhythm / bass line that sounded like the one here. It went "Shhh shiip puh puh.. shiip puh puh.. shiip puh puh..." I should have asked what the song was... but I didn't.

So now I'm dying to know. It had female vocals with what sounded like a british accent. I'm guessing it's a recent jam - but it's not a song on the new Urban Outfitters #11 sampler. Someone in the store was even talking about the song and said to a friend "Have you heard her new album?" I was too embarassed to ask what the song was - but everyone seemed to know it except me. Can you name that tune?
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Best answer: M.I.A.'s "XXXO" maybe? The beat you describe doesn't quite match, but the British accent and new album by a solo female artist matches.
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Best answer: That reminds me a bit of Crystal Castles' Vietnam, which I could definitely imagine hearing in Urban Outfitters.
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Response by poster: Crystal Castles definitely have the right sound (actually - it's uncanny), but I don't quite recognize the beat. I'm listening to their other songs to see if I can recognize a clip.

The MIA beat is a little different, but it's a great jam.
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sounded like the one here.

That doesn't go to a specific track or video for me.
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Response by poster: Sorry, the song is Lost My Sight by Indian Jewelry. The album version has the beat I'm thinking of. I didn't link the youtube video I found because that particular live performance sounds very different from what I'm thinking of.
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could it have been marina and the diamonds? also possible but not probable since someone was talking about a new album, but perhaps la roux? other thoughts are ellie goulding or florence and the machine.
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Best answer: Just to guide your search, Urban Outfitters has a website with their music.
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Best answer: I have been inside an Urban Outfitters only once in my life, a month ago, for maybe 30 minutes, and during that time they played 3 M.I.A. songs.
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Response by poster: Hooray! Thank you all for your help! Thanks to yaymukund's tip I found the section under "Apartment" where they sell LPs and saw they had the new MIA LP. Based on phunniemee's tip I listened to every song on the deluxe album (I had listened to something different - possibly a single before) and it turns out the song is MIA's "Born Free".

Also, thanks to yaymukund's tip I downloaded a bunch of free MP3's including an Indian Jewelry song that was on UO's their Listen #10 album. And with that the snake bites it's own tail.
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