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Please help me find levenger-esque (or other) options for executive/board gifts using gift vouchers.

Once again it's time to waste a lot of money buying expensive, unnecessary things for our board of directors. Last year we bought 15 banker's lamps with engraved gold-plated medallions. $200 each including drop-shipping them to their homes.

In prior years we've done the leather portfolios, umbrellas, etc. They have everything they could possibly need. We have finally convinced our chairman to let us give them gift vouchers so they can get what they want. Still professional stuff but of their choosing.

We don't have to use cheesy executive gifts websites. I'm looking at levenger but need to give them some other choices. Any ideas for websites that sell nice, practical, professional things and have a gift-card option? Each gift will be in the $100-$150 range.
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Ah, just came up with a clever idea. We're a local company so "buy-local" certificates from our downtown merchant association are on the shortlist. (I can't believe this has zero responses ... please hope me!)
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Some ideas for business types:

-Local wine store or wine bar or steak house
-Donation to local charity in the name of the person, "You have sponsored 100 Thanksgiving Dinners for local needy families."
-Franklin Covey
-Red Envelope
-Dean and Deluca
-Tiffany (they have guys stuff too, like money clips)
-Noise canceling headphones are great for frequent fliers
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We ended up with individual gift codes for Red Envelope, presented on house-made gift cards.
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