Discs + Paper Punch = Circa notebook?
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Levenger Circa fans: If I buy a set of discs and a paper punch, will that be enough to build a Circa notebook with my own paper?
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You will want also either some card stock to try to punch your own covers (this might be a little tough to punch, even with the heavy-duty one, but could happen) or a set of their covers. Or the cheaper Rollabind ones from somewhere like Staples. Just the discs and paper will be too floppy, IMO.
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Response by poster: Ah yes, I was thinking on having thick covers.

So that'll be all I need? In other words, am I missing something from the "system"? (e.g. a spine or the cover has something special to keep pages from falling, etc)
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Best answer: Nope, it's like a rolodex -- just the discs and the papers keep it together.

But yes, sturdy covers are nice. Also a lot of the Levenger add-ons are pretty addictive. When they're on sale their dedicated covers and all are pretty inexpensive; I got my husband a set of five covers and a bunch of discs and he's happily made several notebooks from those. (We have the punch.) I personally have one of the nice leather covers that zips shut because I use it as my planner/catch-all, but it's still the disks and the paper that keep the "notebook" part together

Protip: Do not allow toddler to molest circa notebooks.
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Best answer: No -- the discs hold the paper in pretty well, especially with the rigid plastic covers, which help keep the rings in as well as add some stiffness to the notebook. There are other little accessories you can buy, but that's the basics. I haven't used the Rollabind system myself but it is compatible with the Circa system, I hear. The dividers and pockets are nice but not necessary. Hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Thank you, guys!
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Mines completely customized at this point. I actually took a package of tabbed dividers that were set for 3 hole punch and use those to split out some of pages. I actually purchased the "travel hole punch" which is a 2 piece set, and was much cheaper than the desk punch, and have been very happy with it.

As far as Rolla or Rollabind is concerned, it's 100% compatible, so feel free to buy and try some of their less expensive paper.

For rolling your own, I actually googled on some note take taking template paper, printed a few dozen of those out, and punched holes until I found something that fit my workflow.
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Best answer: Using extra-thick card stock for covers would work, I think, but it is important to have something there to provide rigidity.

A good option for you may be the Circa Simply Irresistible Sampler Kit. It's $40, but includes a $40 cart for future purchases, a set of disks, perfectly adequate translucent plastic covers, and a bunch of other stuff. So you could order that, wait for it to show up, and then use the $40 card towards the punch.

Speaking of which: the desk punch is expensive but awesome. It's an incredibly solid machine and using it is a tactile pleasure; I don't regret the purchase.
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Response by poster: kprincehouse: So clever! I can keep the discs and buy the punch. I'll definitely try that!
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