Looking for a particular satin pillowcase
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Where can I reliably find nice satin pillowcases where the satin grain goes up and down, not side to side?

This is silly, I admit, but I am looking for high quality satin pillowcases - that is to say, not the really thick satin, but the thinner, softer kind - where the grain, or the smooth part, goes up and down. Parallel to the opening. Most pillowcases have it side to side, or perpendicular to the opening, I guess because that's better for hair. I like satin pillowcases because they're soft. To hell with the hair.
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You might have the greatest success by purchasing the fabric and finding a seamstress to make them for you.
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If you have even rudimentary sewing skills you can probably do this yourself. If you google "pillowcase sewing tutorial" you'll get a bunch.
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It'll probably be easier to make/get them made out of a flat sheet of the satin you like. I don't know which way the grain goes on sheets, but if it's vertical, cut out the pillowcases perpendicular to the top edge so the pretty hem at the top of the sheet will be the pretty hem at the pillowcase opening. Do French seams if possible, they'll be nicer and keep the satin from fraying.
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Thanks - I was expecting and dreading these answers. I do sew some, but satin intimidates me. Oh, well. It's just fabric, right?
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