FB to Twitter, yay. Twiiter to FB, boo.
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My Facebook posts appear on my twitter feed, but my tweets dont appear on my Facebook feed (which is what I really need)...

I have the following apps installed on twitter:

Facebook by Facebook
Twitter for Facebook by Twitter

I need the post from one to appear on the other. Both have read and write permissions.

The problem for me is that Twitter is a bazillion times easier for me to use in my situation. So I couldn't care less about my FB posts appearing on twitter, but I really want my Tweets to appear on my FB.

Any insight anyone?

Thanks in advance!
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Twitter recently changed their API rules to disallow Tweets being used in certain ways. I think that may include tweets being displayed on other services, including Facebook.

The ins and outs of it are a bit more complicated than that, though, so hopefully someone more knowledgable can chime in!
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There's an option on Twitter on the Profile page. It's a bit fiddly and is prone to stop working. The trick is to link it to Facebook then tell it to send tweets to a profile rather than a page and not at the same time. I think.
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On anaximander's point: Normally I would suggest IFTTT, but they recently specifically disabled functionality to take data _from_ Twitter to be reposted elsewhere, due to this policy change.
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Twitter has instructions here on how to post Tweets from your Twitter account to your Facebook Page.
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Look for "Selective Tweets" -- just add #fb to the end of a tweet and it will show up on Facebook.

(IMHO it's not a good idea to echo everything from Twitter to FB)
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Yeah, what Omnidrew said. Think very long and very carefully about if your Facebook folks ned to see each and every single Tweet from your super genius mind. Use judiciously. With great power comes great responsibility :)
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I don't know how to do this specifically, but I would caution against it. A lot of FB users *hate* seeing Twitter hashtags in posts.
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