Please help me identify where I might purchase this teapot for serving chai.
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Tea detectives: I need your help. On a recent trip to India I was served chai in this magnificent tea pot (or chai pot) or perhaps it has some unknown name . . . I should have looked for identifying manufacturer marks while there, but alas too late. My google-fu has failed me so far, please help me identify a source where I might purchase said item. (Image inside).
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Best answer: Here you go [UK link]. It's made by Freud.
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No doubt someone will offer you a far better answer to your question, but for what it's worth, I was given this teapot as a gift, which is made from different materials to the one in your photo, but the style is very similar. Good luck with your search!
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That was quick, MuffinMan! I take it all back...
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Response by poster: Sweet Georgia Brown! Thanks MuffinMan. Now to start saving my nickels . . .
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