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I need a recommendation for a cover/keyboard setup for my iPad 3. I will be using this to replace my clunky laptop when I travel.

(With such a quickly changing marketplace, I suspect there are more and better options than the last time a similar question was asked!)

Considerations and priorities:
1) Keyboard works well
2) All-in-one cover and keyboard
3) Durable
4) Lightweight
5) Costs ~$100 max

My coworkers use this and seem to be happy with it, but I'd like to shop around more.

Anyone have good recommendations or places to stay away from?
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You're looking for the Zagg all-in-one case, aka the zaggFolio. $99, free shipping, nice colors, well rated.
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Yes on the Zagg - a coworker has one and sold me on it, and now I have one as well. She did mention that the laminate on hers is coming off - I haven't noticed that, but mine is newer, so maybe that's a common thing that happens later?
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I use the ZaggFolio as well and really like it. I use my iPad on the go (and even around my apartment) a lot more now that I have it. It's sturdy and it's served me well, at least for the past few months.
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Best answer: Not sure how much of a cover you're looking for, but I like the Logitech Ultrathin. It's light and travels well. I don't have any experience with the Zagg, so I can't compare, but the Logitech is slightly higher rated than the Zagg on Amazon.
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We have work iPads, and two of my coworkers have the keyboard cover thingies. One has the Zagg, the other has the Logitech Ultrathin. They both work fine, and they both make their owners very happy. The Logitech Ultrathin looks way, way cooler, though.
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Best answer: Here's what the wirecutter thinks. They like the Logitech Ultrathin, but recommend a separate case and keyboard.
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I've been using this Brookstone case for the last year and it's been fine.
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Those keyboards all look like they would be a bitch to type on - save the carpal tunnel and get a nice bluetooth keyboard and a nice case. I carry an apple bluetooth keyboard with me everywhere for my laptop, and it only uses two AA batteries. Maybe you should be thinking more about ergonomics since ultimately that's why you're getting a 3rd party keyboard in the first place.
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Response by poster: Thank you all SO much. I ordered a Logitech Ultrathin. I have a nice little sleeve in my purse that fits the iPad with a smart cover, but which wouldn't zip with the Adonit one my coworkers have. I suspect the Zagg will be the same, based on looking at it. Also, the Logitech was cheaper on Amazon with free shipping, which is a bonus.

The amount of travel I do makes the full sized keyboard not an option. I'm trying to go as small and light as I can.

Thanks again!!
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Response by poster: I am typing this on my new logitech ultrathin, and i love it. It fits in my purse!
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Random question. I have that same bag. Do you have any idea what's up with the little "no men" symbol inside the front buttoned pocket?
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Response by poster: I got that bag because of you!!

The icons are supposed to indicate what you can put in the pockets. Since that particular pocket is hidden, maybe it's for tampons?
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Ha! That's what I kind of thought, but I figured it was too ridiculous.

Nice call on the bag!
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And you also just indirectly helped me - I saw a girl on a bus last week wearing the backpack from that same company and fell in love with it (the buttons!) but didn't know what company made it. And now I do. And have ordered a new bag. Yay, internet.
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