iPad + Keyboard = Hope Me
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A few questions on using the Apple Wireless Keyboard with an iPad...

Is there a way to scoll webpages in Safari using the arrow keys? Googling turned up a few iPad reviews from April that indicated this was not possible, but I thought maybe things had changed since then.

Do any of the keys correspond to Home, End, Page Up or Page Down?

Any other tips for this setup (I'm not very familiar with Mac keyboards)?
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Response by poster: Sorry, but right after I posted I thought of an example of a "tip" I'd be interested in: Back/Forward in Safari. Basically, anything that let's you work without resorting to the iPad touchscreen. And not generic Mac keyboard shortcuts, but ones known to work with the iPad. Thanks.
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The space bar normally scrolls webpages downwards, while shift-space goes back up. Backspace and shift-backspace go back and forward respectively in Safari.
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Best answer: You want to be searching for "iPad keyboard shortcuts." The short answer is that there are some shortcuts, but many of the shortcuts you want are missing. No scrolling with the arrow keys for example. Apple might add them in a future release. Yet another reason why we wish the iPad were a more open platform...
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I thought maybe things had changed since then.

There's only been a tiny update that fixed a few minor bugs since it was released.
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