Is Charlie Parker rock?
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I just heard an audio sample from a movie where one person is trying to get another to keep his albums in order. It was along the lines of "put the ____ in the ____ section and put the Rock in the Rock section, you wouldn't put Charlie Parker in the Rock section would you?" To which the reply is "I dunno." Where is this from?

It sounded a lot like High Fidelity to me, but I can't find any reference to that quote online. Googling has proved surprisingly frustrating on this one, and it's driving me nuts. Thanks!
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Best answer: Diner
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Best answer: And Daniel Stern would be the voice you heard. He was the voiceover in Wonder Years and one of the bad guys in Home Alone. Yes, I know, I've wasted my life.
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Response by poster: Damn, I'm glad I asked. It's been a long time since I saw Diner, and I never would have figured that out. Thanks Idiot Mittens.
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And it's from that classic, and slightly scary, scene where he goes off on his wife, Beth, for playing his oh-so-perfectly sorted albums. It's just one more example of how they don't know each other well and are probably too young to be married. And it ends with "Just don't touch my records!"

"Diner" is my favorite movie of all time.
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