Tiny and powerful flashlight
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What is a good flashlight that is small and light enough to clip to my dogs leash yet strong enough to identify where he poops when it's dark outside?
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I carry one of these Energizer keychain flashlights with me everywhere. It's very small, very (surprisingly!) bright, the battery lasts forever, and it just feels well-made-- the metal body has just the right weight to it.

In fact, I lost my keys while camping about two months ago, and I was more upset about losing the flashlight than the fact that I had to have new keys made. (I purchased two more-- one for my new keys, and one as a backup. I didn't even make backup keys!)
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Best answer: Maglites are pretty powerful, and they have a range of sizes.
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Best answer: I have a small one I carry on my keychain made by Fenix. And yeah, Maglites are great too.
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Dealextreme has an extensive range of flashlights; most with more recent (read "efficient") LEDs than what you can find in your local supermarkets. Most are cheap, but because of shipping times, you have to order in advance.

Maybe look into some cheap bike lights? All have a system for attaching them, they often come in pairs and won't ruin you when lost.
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Here's an even cheaper Fenix that also runs on one AAA battery. If you want something a bit more powerful, the ITP Eos A3 is a well-liked cheap light (and on high, it is as bright as an incandescent 4D cell Maglite).
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My EDC is an old Fenix P1D. Has held up like a champ, and is powerful for its size. Nthing looking into that make.
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Photon Freedom Micro-Light II: http://www.photonlight.com/led-keychain-flashlights/photon-micro-light-ii-pro/

$13.95, lifetime warranty. I own several of these, and I have exercised the warranty more than once (since my wife somehow kills hers once a year,when mine run fine forever).

They come with a swiveling clip (which I wear on my jammies each night) and a string for around your neck, plus a keyring.
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If you have an iPhone, one of the apps that turns the camera flash into a flashlight works well for poop location.
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Really love my 4Sevens Qmini 123.
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I'm seconding the recommendation that you should look at DealExtreme. If you don't mind waiting on somewhat slow shipping, get one of these. It's a dirt cheap CREE-based LED flashlight that uses 1 AA battery, yet emits a surprisingly large amount of light (which can be diffused or focused tightly). When focused at maximum tightness, the light is blindingly bright for whomever is on the receiving end.

I swear by these cheap little things. I use one for a bike headlamp. I keep one in my car, several scattered about my house, and a couple more in toolkits that I use at work.
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Seconding the Photon. I have a few different keychain flashlights, and this is both the lightest and the brightest. Mine is the Photon II, which I bought from Amazon. (If you go that route, make sure to buy from Amazon itself and not from a third-party seller - it sounds like there are a lot of knockoff products being passed off as Photons in the third-party market there.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions! I'm going to look these up now.
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This light on Amazon is just like the one BrandonW linked to, and cheaper at $5.35 with free shipping, they still ship from Hong Kong, so it takes a little while to show up.

I seriously doubt they are waterproof, but they are pretty solid and nice and bright. I picked up a bunch to distribute around the house.
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