What's that Wedding Planning Movie?
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What's that movie? filter: I'm looking for the title of a classic movie where a couple plans a wedding and it makes everyone unhappy.

I saw part of a movie several years ago on TCM (I want to say 50s or 60s?), in which a lower-middle class couple was planning a wedding, and it caused nothing but stress for everyone involved. It wasn't a very well-known or GOOD movie, so I can't seem to get any results on Google.

The only scene I really remember is one in which the bride-to-be asks one of her friends to be a bridesmaid/maid of honor, and the woman is distraught because there's no way she can afford the expense of the dress. I think there was also a scene with an automat, but that's as far as I remember.
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Best answer: I believe you're talking about The Catered Affair, with Bette Davis.

And I think it's the husband who needs a suit they can't afford.
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Response by poster: Yes! That's it, thank you!
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